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Navigating industry disruption

BAASec and the Sagicor Cavehill School of Business and Management (SCHSBM) partner to assist industry leaders to manage and adjust to disruptions in the dynamic aviation industry

Leadership challenges in the aviation industry have never been greater. As the aviation industry has become increasingly vulnerable to changing economic landscapes, new competitive industry players and recent disease out-breaks, the modern-day aviation leader must be agile in thinking and possess leadership skill needed to ensure the safety and satisfaction of consumers without compromising profitability. Further, they must also be able to ensure their firms flourish in an increasingly competitive global marketplace threatened with increased congestion, changing climates, evolving labour relations and security.

The programme has been designed to enable Executives to develop the real-world insight needed to lead teams and manage volatility in this uncertain environment while learning from top experts and practitioners, who reflect leading thinking and best practices through their practical experience. Moreover, Executives will acquire a deeper understanding of their role and purpose as a leader and how they can navigate an industry of disruption. The programme also offers a unique opportunity to apply new thinking to the aviation industry as it focuses on developing the leadership and strategic management skills backed by insight needed for today for navigating the challenges of tomorrow’s post-covid-19 environment.

Programme overview

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